TAJMAC Group high-performance machining centres, Swiss-type Lathes and multispindle automatic machines CNC

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TAJMAC Group high-performance machining centres
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TAJMAC. High-performance machining centres

TAJMAC-MTM is a stable and perspective engineering company with a long-time tradition and high level of know-how.

The determination to establish and maintain close and mutually satisfactory relations with customers led to setting up a network of agents and exclusive distributors which now extends to most countries of the world. In some of these (France, Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic), the distributors are branches of what is now commonly referred to as the “TAJMAC group”. Branches, distributors and agents all operate in the same manner as TAJMAC-MTM, advising and keeping in touch with the customer before and after purchase, assuring prompt servicing and spare parts delivery and providing all information required to keep the customer technologically updated.

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